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Based on our EC1 omni-directional electret condenser capsules:

  • DL3 Lavaliers
  • DE3V Ultimate Earset
  • DH3 Folding Headset

KEIRA series

Based on our EC4 omni-directional electret condenser capsule:

  • KL6 premium lavalier

Based on our EC9 cardioid electret condenser capsule:

  • KL10 lavalier


Mission produces premium quality microphones that have been certified to meet the specifications need in critical environments - preachers, corporate presenters and professional theatre. Microphones are hand selected and tested prior to packing to ensure they meet or exceed published specifications

  • one4 earsets (3 boom lengths)
  • solo3 earset sliding boom
  • lav3 lavalier
  • two3 folding headset

broadway series

Fixed cable microphones

  • BE4S earsets - 4.2" boom
  • BE4K earsets - 3.3" boom
  • BE4P earsets - 2.3" boom
  • BH4 headsets - sliding boom
  • BLF4 lavaliers

Field replaceable cable microphones

  • BED4S earsets - 4.2" boom
  • BED4K earsets - 3.3" boom
  • BED4P earsets - 2.3" boom
  • BEV4 ultra flexible boom
  • BHD4 headsets, folding